Monday, May 7, 2018


Kaitlyn Stanford, "50 Best Mom Memes"

When we grew up in Detroit in the 1950s, our friends thought the Cassells kids had “the coolest” mom. My buddy Saundra and I have reminisced about the times my mother took us to the frenzied Rock & Roll shows that were popular in those days.  Mom was right beside us as we found our thrill on Blueberry Hill with Fats Domino, did the twist with Chubby Checker, and were all shook up with Elvis.  Saundra said, “We all wanted your mother.”  
Of course, to her own three kids, she was just “Mom”. We knew without a doubt that she would be at home when we came running in after school. She often had a plate of cookies or a cake sitting on the yellow Formica kitchen table, and the television was always tuned to the channel for Mickey Mouse Club. 

Think about your mother. How did your perception of her change over the years? What about your relationship? How are you like, or unlike, her? Write about it. Discover your poem.

Or, take out a photo of your mom, study it and free write about the photo. From this piece, find your poem. Will it be in tribute? An explanation? A description? A rebuke?

Word Bank Prompt
Unconditional love

Photo Prompt

"Ms. Ruthie Rides" photo by Annis Cassells

Reading Prompt 

In Ellen Bass's Mules of Love "For My Daughter on her Twenty-first Birthday"

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