Indie Author Promo

The first year OctPoWriMo had over 6000 visitors in October. The second year we had over 4000 visitors during September and over 14,000 in October. That is a lot of visitors! This year we can expect that and probably more.

**In 2015 we had over 16,000 visitors in October.

If you are an indie author, have a poetry ebook or paperback and would like to display your book cover on OctPoWriMo during the month of September and/or October, please see the rates below.

September: $10
October: $15
September and October: $20.

If you are interested in displaying your poetry book cover, please send your query to: Morgan Dragonwillow at with OctPoWriMo in the subject line and the title and link (not a shortened link, full link only) to your book on Amazon.

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