Monday, February 29, 2016

Poetry Prompts - Extraordinary Choices

“A tree can be tempted out of its winter dormancy by a few hours of southerly sun—the readiness to believe in spring is stronger than sleep or sanity.” ― Amy Leach, Things That Are
Photo courtesy of by George Hodan

You can feel the energy of Spring on its way, days getting longer, sun growing warmer and the hint of blossoms in tiny tight buds beginning to form. But for now, we are still in the in between, not really Winter, not really Spring, just the anticipation of new beginnings over the horizon.

I've already started my spring cleaning, something that is over due from last spring, yes I procrastinate. Poetry has pushed it's way to a back burner for me, I imagine I should allow myself to get back into a poetic mood and get writing again. Of course my goal is to write all of my poems for the April A to Z challenge before April begins, I guess I better get started. Will you be joining us for the April A to Z Poetry Prompts in April?

Photo courtesy of
by Kim Rempel
Choices, we all have them, we all make them every single day. Some make choices by not making a choice, either way life continues, seasons pass, are you making a difference in someone's life? Are you making a difference in yours?

Poetry Prompt: 

How do you fill your time during this in between? Are you prepping your garden, preparing the way for new projects? Write for ten minutes exploring how you want to spend your spring and what you can do to prepare for it.

Here is a second choice as today is February 29th, which only happens once every four years. I personally think it should be a holiday since it is an extra day, like a freebie, why shouldn't we have one day every four years that we could do whatever we want. What would you do if you had a day where you could do anything you wanted, no matter what?

Word Prompts:

In between

I think this house is past spring cleaning,
more like it may need ghost cleaning.
Photo Courtesy of
by Kate Friesen

Possible Poetry Type: Sedoka

Happy end of the month, whatever you may be doing, wherever you may be, I hope you make extraordinary choices for yourself today.

Morgan Dragonwillow
Read, Dance, Write, Repeat

Morgan Dragonwillow is an author, encourager, and facilitator of magical circles. She is team leader at @StoryDam, #OctPoWriMo and #PoetsonthePage You can find her Playing with Words and dancing on her blog.
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Monday, February 22, 2016

Poetry Prompt- A Season of Relevance

When I was in junior high, I first learned about poetry. My brother's girlfriend at the time had created an assembly for the kids at my school. She wanted me to read "Still I Rise" by Maya Angelou in front of the entire school. The entire idea filled me with dread. Getting up in front of everybody and reading this poem? I couldn't do it. I didn't quite understand the meaning behind the poem. I hadn't reached a point where that poem had significance to me.

What I found so interesting about this piece is that with age came understanding of what it truly meant to me. I think that is the way of a lot of writing that passes through our lives. It is very relevant for a time period or a season. Sometimes it will vibe with you throughout life. It's all so very subjective and something I'd like to explore this week.

Poetry Prompt:

To tip a hat to Black History Month, choose a poem written by a black poet. Read over it a couple of times and ruminate on it. Can you relate to this at this stage in your life? Can you relate at all? How does it make you feel? Write down the feelings it invokes in you. After you've done this, write a poem including those emotions. Here's an article that mentions 20 famous black poets to help you along. You can use any poem from any black poet, famous or not. The article is just a suggestion.

Here's the poem that I was talking about and the inspiration for my poem:

Tamara Woods writes, because she can’t imagine a life where she didn’t. She grew up in the poorest state in the United States, West Virginia, as a laid-off coal miner’s daughter. She learned from this that money isn’t the root of all happiness, but it sure makes it easier. One fateful summer at a youth workshop she learned both the art of stolen kisses and being open in her poetry: lessons she’s never forgotten. Tamara’s poetry is spoken word with a heavy emphasis on things that we all know and do. Her fiction hits on darker, uncomfortable subjects, because she’s a firm believer that stories can be beautiful without being pretty. She is the Editor of The Reverie Journal, online poetry site. She is the moderator of #writestuff a writing tweetchat that's every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST. Find her poetry on her blog PenPaperPad. Connect on Social Media: Follow her on Twitter, like her on Facebook, and check out her book and writing videos on YouTube.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Poetry Prompt: I Love You

Image by Marina Shemesh

I am writing this post on Valentine's Day and the obvious prompt for the week would be to ask you to write a love poem. That's exactly what I'm going to do, but I want this to be no ordinary love poem. Instead of delving into romantic love or eroticism, I want us to all take a few minutes to take a good long look ... IN THE MIRROR.

I'll be honest with you. This is going to be really uncomfortable for some of us (me, included)! Look in the mirror and silently, without criticism or judgement, look at yourself as you would gaze upon your best friend or even your lover. Force yourself to see past the flaws that we all see in ourselves and look deep into your own eyes. After a few minutes have passed in honoring silence, say the words out loud to your own reflection, "I love you." Repeat them, if necessary. Speak from the depth of your wonderful, passionate heart and speak with conviction. "I LOVE YOU."

Now, was that so bad? If possible, take the next few minutes to write a love letter to yourself right there in front of the mirror where you can bear witness to your creative self in action. 

Use this experience as a springboard to write a love poem for yourself. You deserve it. 

Poetry Prompt: Make a list of everything wonderful about you. Ignore the voice of the inner critic that is sure to try to resist this activity! Use this list as a starting point to write a love poem for yourself. 

Word Prompts:
I love ME

Suggested Poetry form: Sonnet

~ Amy Phelps McGrath

Monday, February 8, 2016

Poetry Prompt - Now, I see: Inspired by the work of Rita Dove

Reading at least one published poem a day by a notable writer has drastically changed my writing of poetry and my enjoyment of poetry. In my earlier days of poetry writing, I must confess I was in it for myself. I wanted to get out whatever emotion was driving my poems and I didn’t care too much about what other poets before me had said or how they said it.

I had yet to learn to appreciate poetry.

It was when I was facilitating a local open mic night at a bookstore that my mind and pencil shifted.

People who came to the open mic were more dedicated to craft then I was. They wanted to read books about how to write poetry and how to read poetry. They began to ask me for recommendations. I felt obligated to know more and the rest, as the cliché goes, is history.

Today our prompt is directly from the poem “This Life” by Rita Dove. By the way, this is a link to Rita Dove’s biography at the PoetryFoundation – and at this site you will find every single issue of PoetryMagazine from their 100 year history. You will literally never be lacking for quality poetry if you acquaint yourself with this website.


Now I see…. 

Now I see the possibilities are…..

I suggest you begin with simple sentence endings – at least ten – and then choose the one that calls the strongest to you and use that to begin your poem. When you run into a block, scoop up another one of your beginnings and continue writing.

For further inspiration, I have added a video of me from a live Periscope Broadcast reading Dove's poem as well as giving writing suggestions as I share the the prompt aloud as well.

Word Prompt: See, Possibilities

Suggested Form: Free Verse

Suggested Theme: Love Poem

Now, loves, create a poem - and link up below as well.

Julie Jordan Scott inspires people to experience artistic rebirth via her programs, playshops, books, performances and simply being herself out in the world.  She is a writer, creative life coach, speaker, performance poet, Mommy-extraordinaire and mixed-media Ventura writing artist  whose Writing Camps and Writing Playgrounds permanently transform people's creative lives. Watch for the announcement of new programs coming in Spring 2016 and beyond.
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Monday, February 1, 2016

Poetry Prompts - Break Open

Photo courtesy of by George Hodan

It has been a great month of poetry here at Poets on the Page, I've enjoyed reading the prompts from the volunteers and poetry from the participants. This week I'm continuing on the theme, Tamara, started last Monday - meditation. Most of you know by now that I use music and dance to connect with my muse and more.

Several years ago I wrote a post on my blog regarding moving meditations, Meditation - A Writer Learning to Meditate. Over the years I've found it difficult to sit down and meditate as it is nearly impossible for me to be still until I discovered how to meditate while moving.

Gabrielle Roth says in her book, Sweat Your Prayers:
"When the mind is empty and receptive, big ideas flow through every cell of our body. When we're thinking too hard, we tense up and nothing can flow through us; our energy gets stuck in our heads. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and trust that if you turn off your head, your feet will take you where you need to go."
Dancing and moving in a rhythmic motion is a great way to get out  of your head.

Great inspiration has been found during meditative states while washing dishes, walking, dancing or simply swaying back and forth while sitting or standing. Using moving meditation may help you to break open and find your words spilling onto the page.

Photo courtesy of by Sabine Sauermaul
Poetry Prompt:

Choose which type of movement you would like to experiment meditating with. Choose music for yourself or use the music below. (If you are walking outside, please only use one ear to listen to music as it can be unsafe to walk with both ear pieces in your ears.) Listen to music that you enjoy, whether fast or slow, and move for a minimum of ten minutes, the longer the better but only as long as is comfortable for you - I have moved for as long as an hour but usually for ten to fifteen minutes. You can set an intention for your moving meditation to receive answers to a question or ask the question after you finish moving. Afterwards sit down and write anything and everything that came up for you during your moving meditation. 

Word Prompts:

Expanding Consciousness
Divine Mystery
Flowing Energy

Possible Poetry Type:

Music Prompts:

I tend to enjoy moving to earthy drum music although I have moved to all different types of music. When I want to go really deep, to get out of my head and into a meditative state, earthy drum music takes me there every time. Here are some of my favorites, you can dance to one, several, or move to the whole thing. Remember, only do what is comfortable for you, never keep moving if you are out of breath or in pain.

Morgan Dragonwillow is an author, encourager, and facilitator of magical circles. She is team leader at @StoryDam, #OctPoWriMo and #PoetsonthePage You can find her Playing with Words and dancing on her blog.
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