Monday, February 8, 2016

Poetry Prompt - Now, I see: Inspired by the work of Rita Dove

Reading at least one published poem a day by a notable writer has drastically changed my writing of poetry and my enjoyment of poetry. In my earlier days of poetry writing, I must confess I was in it for myself. I wanted to get out whatever emotion was driving my poems and I didn’t care too much about what other poets before me had said or how they said it.

I had yet to learn to appreciate poetry.

It was when I was facilitating a local open mic night at a bookstore that my mind and pencil shifted.

People who came to the open mic were more dedicated to craft then I was. They wanted to read books about how to write poetry and how to read poetry. They began to ask me for recommendations. I felt obligated to know more and the rest, as the cliché goes, is history.

Today our prompt is directly from the poem “This Life” by Rita Dove. By the way, this is a link to Rita Dove’s biography at the PoetryFoundation – and at this site you will find every single issue of PoetryMagazine from their 100 year history. You will literally never be lacking for quality poetry if you acquaint yourself with this website.


Now I see…. 

Now I see the possibilities are…..

I suggest you begin with simple sentence endings – at least ten – and then choose the one that calls the strongest to you and use that to begin your poem. When you run into a block, scoop up another one of your beginnings and continue writing.

For further inspiration, I have added a video of me from a live Periscope Broadcast reading Dove's poem as well as giving writing suggestions as I share the the prompt aloud as well.

Word Prompt: See, Possibilities

Suggested Form: Free Verse

Suggested Theme: Love Poem

Now, loves, create a poem - and link up below as well.

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