Friday, March 14, 2014

Herstory Mini Challenge Poetry Prompts

Photo by Morgan Dragonwillow
Today is the last day of the Herstory Mini Poetry Challenge for March. I hope you have had fun exploring the topic of women for yourself, those around you, and in herstory.
This feminine fire is a primordial, elemental force that is powerful beyond our wildest imaginings. It is, in fact, power itself. ~ Teri Degler
Whether you are male or female, I would like for you to be able to tap into your feminine fire that helps in the creation process!

Poetry Prompt: Have a conversation with your inner feminine. Ask questions on how you can nurture your inner feminine, what does she need to feel supported so that she will be cooperative in creating your projects, writing or otherwise.

Word Prompt: Feminine Fire

Shadow Poetry type: Kyrielle a a traditional French form.

This is a blog hop! I am doing something different with this month's mini poetry challenge, I am sharing the same linky every day and you can link up every day that you have a poem. Share your poetry by coming back and linking up and then grab the link code and put it on your page. Visit your neighbors and share word love in the comments!

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Wild Woman Waking - Sleeping isn't possible once you explore the inner and outer world of poetry; transformation happens and your eyes open wide.

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