Monday, March 14, 2016

Prompt: Allow, Invite, Trust and Know - A Poet's Affirmation and More

A Poet's Affirmation:

I allow myself to be pure,
raw and completely myself.

I invite myself to
grow with each word I write.

I trust myself as a
poet and as a person.

I know my right readers
connect with my heart message no matter what
shape or direction my poetry
takes today.

= = = = =
Our deepest feelings yearn to be expressed.

I am not talking about red-hot-anger or
lack-based-ranting, I am talking about heartfelt,
truth-filled and sacred responses to life.

A story, today, to invite your words onto the page --

The little bunny slowly scampered towards
its home. It wasn't hampered by fear of me
or my blonde-curly-furred dog.

I had never seen anything like it.

I greeted the bunny and moved along.

All of a sudden there was an identical relative
to the earlier bunny.  It was neither quick nor
concerned. He stood watching us and was
apparently as intrigued by our presence
as we were with his presence.

Sandy wagged his tail in delight, not pulling
on the leash or chasing the little

We kept walking.

We saw another bunny. And another bunny.
And another bunny. We saw
so many I stopped counting.

As we rounded a corner, two larger bunnies
darted down the hill. I could feel their little
hearts palpitating in distress.

My heart responded with a like, fast,
staccato rhythm for just a
split second.

I would rather be the first bunnies. These
bunnies had not yet learned a fear response.
Instead, they held their moments in their
awareness. They watched  Sandy and me
and saw we didn’t pose a threat. They
released any concern and hopped
peacefully home.

I am a person who is curious, calm, and
deliberate in movement. My tendency is
towards courage, of intentionally not
choosing to be afraid. I want to be like
the courageous bunny, not a person
who races fearfully from a perceived,
non-existent threat.

Some might look at those baby bunnies
as foolish and naive.

I see them as gatherers of right information.
They witnessed what was so and released
any need to be fearful.

They chose peace.

What are you choosing today?

What will you choose to write today?

Word Prompts:

 Allow, Invite, Trust and Know

Thematic Prompt:

Write a Poem of the Bunnies - naive or brave, courageous or gathering information.
Write from the perspective of the Bunny or the perspective of the human, watching the bunny.

Perhaps weave in the word prompts.

Repeat the Poet's Affirmation as often as you feel compelled this week - see what it awakens in your poetry and prose.

Most of all --- enjoy the process

= = = = =
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  1. Lovely prompt, Julie. The topic of fear is a good one for me this week.


  2. What a wonderful prompt! Makes me want to sit down and play with some poetry again. I haven't in a while.