Monday, January 29, 2018

Once in a Blue Moon

We have all heard and undoubtedly used the expression, "once in a blue moon" to signify the rare, unlikely or even absurd.   I was however disappointed to discover that the moon does not typically take on cerulean glow.  Well...Unless there happens to be a volcanic eruption leaving the sky full of large dust particles that refract red light making the moon appear blue (there were reports of blue moons caused by the Mount St. Helens eruption in 1980)

The second full moon in a month, referred to as a "blue moon" occurs every two to three years.

This month however we are treated to a rare lunar event...

a super blue blood moon...

"A rare celestial event will grace the skies during the coming week when a blue moon and lunar eclipse combine with the moon being at its closest point to Earth, resulting in what is being called a “super blue blood moon”.

The trifecta will take place on 31 January and will be best visible from the western hemisphere. The last time the three elements combined at the same time was in 1866

A “super blue blood moon” is the result of a blue moon – the second full moon in a calendar month – occurring at the same time as a super moon, when the moon is at perigee and about 14% brighter than usual, and a so-called blood moon – the moment during a lunar eclipse when the moon, in the Earth’s shadow, takes on a reddish tint."

*Courtesy of Guardian News & Media Ltd

So will this bring out the wild ones who frolic in the burnished glow?  Or will the Orb tickle the muse's fancy and run amok with her frilly unmentionables?   

One thing that is sure to happen, and only happens once in that proverbial blue moon - both star and cell phone gazers alike will not be able to resist watching the sky.


Take a few moments to look at the full moon in a few days, watch the eclipse if you can.  Let the earthshine inspire some words...  


Peruse the lunar glossary for some terminal inspiration

Moon Glossary

Word Prompts:

Blue Moon
Blood Moon

Please share the link to your poem in the comments below. Or go ahead and post your poem. We're looking forward to reading your work.

Jenny Astramowicz is a writer, poet and aspiring wellness coach.  She resides in San Francisco where she works at the local university and trains for endurance events.  Her long term dream is to live in France with her two cats.
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  1. Below is my poem for the prompt

    1. Lovely. Thank you for sharing your poem in both forms.