Sunday, September 22, 2013

Poetry Writing Tip - List of Possibilities

Poetry comes to us bringing life, and focuses on giving us a better understanding of life. Between poetry and other genres of literature there is one sharp distinction. Poetry writing is a friend to all writers. Engrossing and honest, poetry extends universally to all members of society. Poetry exists to communicate significant experience imaginatively and creatively, deepening our knowledge of the senses more poignantly. ~Why Poetry is So Important
 This morning I am struggling with how to explain why I believe poetry is so important. Once again Google shows itself to be helpful and I found the above article. It probably does a much better job than I ever could of explaining why poetry is so important to you as an individual and as a community. I hope you decide to check it out.

We have a little over a week until OctPoWriMo begins. I am getting so excited about all the poetry that will be written and shared (though you don't have to share) over the coming month. October has been one of my favorite months for many years. The weather is cooler, the fall colors are spreading across the country side, children are getting ready for Halloween, and the time of family gatherings are just around the corner. All of which are fodder for poetry.

If you have decided to join us to write 31 Poems in 31 Days have you started making a list of the topics/themes that you may want to write about?

Here is a list of possibilities:

  1. Autumn/Fall
  2. Holidays
  3. Changing seasons
  4. Halloween
  5. Family
  6. Horror
  7. Magic
  8. Fantasy
  9. Phobias
  10. Shadow
  11. Darkness
  12. Love
  13. Friendship
  14. Nature
  15. Politics
  16. Food
  17. Gardening
And the list could go on and on. Of course each of the above could have sub-categories and lists of their own.

What are some of the topics/themes on your list, what interests you most, what causes a fire in your belly, and gives passion to your words?

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  1. Energy, Birth, Death, Illness, Recovery, Art, Religion, Comedy, Dance, Music... you're right! The list of possibilities is endless! I can hardly wait to see what comes from October!