Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Rules of Poetry and writing

Everything has rules. Even chaos has an order within itself. But Poetry is neither organized nor chaotic. I treat it as a chaotic way to unbalance some order or an ordered way to tame chaos in my mind. Either way it just flows through the head and heart if you surrender yourself.

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So what are the rules?
I say NONE.

Not for writing, not for reading, not for supporting and encouraging, not for sharing, and not for hiding it either.

But learning to let go of the Rules does not come easy. It is a conscious and constant process that you learn to accept while your write.

I started writing six years back and to this date I can not understand my obsession with rhymes during that period. I actually spoiled many ideas for the lack of rhyming words. And those days I was unaware of rhyming dictionaries. ;)

A year later I switched to rhythm and thank goodness I discovered poetry forms that did not require me to rhyme. Not that the syllable count was any easier, but still, there was a sense of freedom as I penned those verses. Like miniature cupcakes put on display for all.

Bottom line: Follow rules of heart and not of the art!
Let yourself be free and dip into the creative pools that are as vast as your mind wants to wander.

Have fun!



  1. YAY for no rules! Ben Folds said this of songwriting (which is just poetry set to music): "Be schooled in form and technique as much as you can swallow and abandon it when you feel it's nearly killed you." I agree with him. Learn the rules well, then you know how best to break them!

    1. totally interesting way to put this.


    2. I have a few favorite sayings about rules, especially when facilitating writer's growth. One is "Rules Schmoolz!" and the other is, "There are no wrongs, there are only writes/rights."

      Thanks for a grand post!

    3. Glad you liked and wrote your views on rules ;)


  2. I have never been one to like rules, in fact I have fought against them my whole life. For me poetry is playing with words and I keep on playing with them until they dance to life. Thanks for sharing "No Rules!"