Friday, November 15, 2013

Mini Poetry Prompt - Sacred Truth

Poetry Prompt: 

What is your sacred truth, something you know without a doubt to be true or believe with all of your heart. This can be spiritual, family, life etc.

Playing with form, from Shadow Poetry - Line Messaging

Monday's Challenge - Write a poem about your journey this week of exploring poetry.

It is time to draw this to a close
look at how you dove in head first
to make sense of what captures your heart
and turning it inside out and upside down
has your words spilling onto the page

~Morgan Dragonwillow

We will continue our regularly scheduled weekly poetry prompts on Monday and link up on Thursday. Hope you had fun this week taking it deeper and exploring one of your favorite poems. Join us next month, Monday, Dec. 9th for our second week long challenge. Hope to see you there!

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