Monday, November 4, 2013

Poetry Prompt - Deep

This is later than it normally will be. I am getting used to this new schedule. This is your chance to take your time with the poetry prompt or to write more than one for it. It is your choice but you won't have to link up until Thursday in a separate post. We will be going at a slower speed than we did for OctPoWriMo except during the second week of the month when we do our challenge that will help you take your poetry even deeper.

Sea Cave - Photo from Public Domain Pictures. 

Poetry Prompt: Deep is the ocean, deep are relationships. Free write for ten minutes about what deep means to you.

Word Prompt: Deep

Exploring Poetry Types: Every week you will have an opportunity to explore a different poetry type from Shadow Poetry. This week it is a traditional form, Nonet.

Feel free to choose to write your poetry in whatever form you choose, all of the prompts are only suggestions to help inspire and motivate you to write your poetry on the page.

Remember to come back on Thursday to link up and share your poems.

~Morgan Dragonwillow


  1. Thank you, Morgan. Looking forward to this one. xoA

  2. This is good. Waiting to explore and delve into poetry

  3. Beautiful prompt and a beautiful picture. Where does this image come from???? I'd love to know more.