Monday, May 16, 2016

Poetry Prompt - Portraits

Vincent Van Gogh

"Artists are storytellers. Each new piece is, in visual form, a poem, short story, or chapter in a longer novel. They can be imaginative works of fiction or descriptive nonfiction." ~Amy McGrath

Frida Kahlo

I spent the better part of the past several months working on a series of self-portraits. In each new drawing or painting, I tried to reveal a different aspect of my character, my personality, or my story. I attempted to express with imagery what I often find hard to put into words. Odd, isn't it? I write poetry and short stories. I keep a journal. But sometimes, I find it easier to express myself visually.

Pablo Picasso

THE PROMPT: For this week's prompt, I would like you to look at artists' self-portraits. (I'm including some here for you, but there are multitudes of others available with a quick search.) Look closely and see if you can tell what the artist might be trying to say or reveal. Choose one of these that I'm providing, find one on the web, or draw one of yourself (bonus points!) Then write a poem about the self-portrait.

Jenny Saville

Kahinde Wiley

Lucien Freud

Chuck Close

Amy McGrath

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