Monday, June 20, 2016

Poetry Prompts: On the Pulse

Regardless of where you live in our world, I'm fairly certain that by now you've heard about the shootings at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida just a week ago. This tragic event has impacted not only those in the Orlando area, but has sent a shockwave throughout this country. People are polarizing on multiple issues that this event brings into harsh light. 

My poetic friends, I don't know that I'm prepared to write about my own feelings on this incident just yet, but I must. I want to invite/encourage you to put your feelings about this event and the major issues involved into words. I believe that, as poets/creatives, we have a unique opportunity and a responsibility to shed light into dark places. Write with boldness. Vent your anger. Share your love and encouragement with others. Do what you do best...tell the stories with your words.

Suggested Topics: gun violence/gun control
                               being and/or supporting LGBTQIA individuals
                               community response

Alternate Prompt: Choose an issue of deep importance to you and write a poem to communicate your position on that issue.

Thank you for taking part and for sharing your poems with us!

Amy McGrath


  1. I can't find the site for octopowrimo. I would like to get involved this coming October...

    1. Marian, we are hosting OctPoWriMo here at Poets on the Page now. I look forward to having you join us!