Monday, April 2, 2018

Life's Seasons

Photo by Annis Cassells

“All seasons have something to offer.”  Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle

Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. We can count on the seasons like clockwork to follow each other. We can compare and predict. “It’s going to be a cold winter.” Or, “We had a shorter spring and went right into summer.”

Life’s seasons, though, are non-linear. They may be sudden and random. And we can never predict their duration. The seasons become a metaphor, a symbol, for how our lives play out.
With regard to Life’s seasons, within days or even hours, we can experience each one. They often catch us by surprise, and though we deal with them, we may not see the seasons as a metaphor at the time. That insight comes later, upon reflection, but life’s seasons correspond to weather’s.

Summer – When we are carefree and relaxed, when experiences and places are welcomed and enjoyed. 
Fall – We’re in contemplation and preparation, harvesting ideas or gathering skills or insights we’ll carry on. Or move on. 
Winter – Which we find challenging, even difficult, yet filled with blessings. Blessings that we may not see until Spring. 
Spring – The season that always follows winter with light and new life, with hope, renewal, and possibilities. We catch our breath and reflect on the wonder and blessings Winter provided. 

Life’s seasons may change as often or as fast as the wind. We wake up in Summer – all is great and we are happy. Life is going our way.  Within hours, there’s a SNAFU and we feel the ice of Winter. Then we’re in Fall as we react, marshal our resources, figure out a plan, and begin executing that plan. Sometimes, we have to come up with alternate ideas before we reach Spring. But soon Summer is on the way again, and we bask in its goodness. 
The Prompt 
Think about what season you're in right this minute. What got you there? Was it the rocky-ness of life or a smooth path? Make a list of all the words that come to mind as you think about your seasons -- now and past. Come up with a first line using some of those words. Then let your free verse or haiku or couplets flow.
Write a poem about your favorite  OR your most dreaded season of the year. Maybe this will take you back to your younger days. Maybe it will take you to looking forward.

Word Bank

Photo Prompt 

Photo by Annis Cassells

Please share the link to your poem (or post your poem) in the comments below. And, if you're on Facebook, post it to Poets on the Page. We're looking forward to reading your work.

Annis Cassells is a writer, poet, life coach, and teacher.  She divides her time between Bakersfield, California and Coos Bay, Oregon. She is a member of Writers of Kern, a branch of the California Writers Club. See Annis’s blogs at and and her website at

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