Monday, April 30, 2018

Poetry Prompt - The Finish Line

The NaPoWriMo finish line is in sight - It has been a rough go this time around.  I have struggled with the metaphorical equivalent of bonking (running out of steam) and also after taking a few wrong turns (too many obligations) I have spent half the month feeling lost and wondering if I would ever cross the line.  Would I end up with that dreaded acronym by my name in the race roster - D.N.F.?

So I dig deep, pull my soul inside out and give it all I got.  I can hear my triathlete friend yelling - "if you are not spitting blood, you can push harder".  That's the thing though.  I need to see the crimson flowing from my creative veins onto the page.

Cheering zone (prompts)

Did you participate in the NaPoWriMo?  If you did - write a poem based on the overall experience.  Was it easy?  Did you stay focused and write a poem a day or did you end up with poetry debt?  

Write for 5 minutes about a time you decided to give up on a goal before finishing it - did you feel guilty? Relieved?  Now write a poem explaining your decision (good or bad).  Perhaps write a poem describing how you saved the world by  making the decision (you are granted permission to embrace the absurd). 

WORD/topic Prompts


Please share the link to your poem (or post your poem) in the comments below. And, if you're on Facebook, post it to Poets on the Page. 

Jenny Astramowicz is a writer, poet and aspiring wellness coach.  She resides in San Francisco where she works at the local university and trains for endurance events.  Her long term dream is to live in France with her two cats.
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