Monday, September 7, 2015

Play the Name Game

Something on my mind a lot lately was the title of poems. Do I start with titles? Do I end with titles? 
There's no right answer, but the title isn't just a name for a poem, it's part of it. 
It's that bit of sparkle that you see in a marble countertops that really show what this poem is about. 

How do you know if you have a good title? Read it without the title. Read it with the title. Do you have more understanding? Do you feel more? You should. The title is an important part and should never be overlooked. 

Sometimes I work off a title. Lately my word has been "Basorexia" which is the unquenchable desire to kiss. From that word I have found inspiration for so many things. I tried to write about first kisses or missing someone, but I couldn't find that poem. I rabbit trailed and ended up writing about the first time I saw someone I loved.

That's the other tip that I follow. Chase the rabbit trails. Don't just follow them, chase them. 
See what I did there? 

One of my examples was one of my poetry posters that I made. 
Read it without the title. Read it with the title. Does the meaning change? 

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