Monday, September 21, 2015

Ready for Liftoff!

So we've got 9 days left until OctPoWriMo starts!
How are you kicking off the month?
Some of us are the types to write alone with peace and quiet. But there are also some of us who love to PARTY! Sometimes I'm one of those people. I work well with support groups to motivate me.
So here are some slightly wacky ideas for throwing poetry parties while you have time to plan them!

  • Throw a tea party! What goes better with poetry than some nice tea sipping with some fellow poets? Add in some cucumber sandwiches and you're in for a classy time. The smell of tea and coffee goes well with paper if you're the type to handwrite. Maybe go to a garden and be surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. 
  • Dog park poetry anyone? Again, it's the beautiful outdoors! Granted, this would be most effective with a dog that doesn't get into so much trouble, but there's a lot a laugh at with your furry friends
  • Wine & Dine- This is a classic! Think finger foods including cheeses and balsamic vinegar and a nice wine, it'll make you feel like the classy stereotypical poet right? Well personally I'd probably break out the whiskey pretty quickly, but you get the point. Just don't get too drunk to write! 
  • Midnight kickoff! If we do them for books, movies, and New Year's why not for poetry writing? Take it to the next level and make it costume required (it's October!), pop some popcorn, brew the coffee, and stock up on red bull and sour gummy worms! This could be a super fun lock in and write! Again, if you put vodka in that red bull, just don't puke on someone else's poem and edit sober! 

Are you planning something to kick off your writing? Tell me with your comments and tweet/insta me at @beverlytanfilm! 


  1. Wine and dine...I'm up for any idea that involves delicious food and tasty wine.

  2. Wine and dine...I'm up for any idea that involves delicious food and tasty wine.