Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Poetry Prompt: February Mini Challenge Day 3 : The Freedom To Write Your Poem.....I Dare You.....

This may sound ironic to you and please, hear me out.

What would happen if you let go of the results of your poem?

What would happen if you accepted it to be just what it is - without critique or worrying about form or being perfect or emulating another great poet?

What would happen if you threw out your most common style of writing and allowed yourself (and your readers) the grace of being a complete beginner?

That's your challenge for today.

We've talked about naming in your poetry yesterday.

We've talked about using the just-right words on Monday.

Today, your challenge is to throw all that out the window and simply be with whatever flows up and through your pencil, pen or fingers on the keyboard AND simultaneously choose to not write in the manner you are most accustomed to writing.

I'm offering you freedom and for some of you this may be frightening.

I actually think it is frightening to each and all of us on varying levels.

What would happen if you simply WERE different and today, allowed yourself to splash in the waters of poetic differences without being so concerned about the outcome of your poem?

I realize some of you are going to just close this window and never think of writing such a poem.
I dare you to write it, even if it feels... oh, there is the dreaded word again: different. So go ahead, write differently. Enjoy the process - I dare you.....

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