Monday, February 17, 2014

Poetry Prompt: Transforming the Winter Blues

This winter has gone on forever. It's cold, sometimes dark and it can drain our energy and motivation.  So what can we do to summon creativity and joy during a time of intense bleakness? When we're stuck indoors with cabin fever instead of interacting with others as much as we usually do? What about those of us who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder? I'm just glad I don't live in Sweden. Can you imagine entire days of darkness? 

Have I depressed you yet? Sorry! There is a point to all of this! For this week's poetry prompt, let's turn our winter frowns upside down with poetry.  Let's find a way to transform the winter blues into a beautiful flower. 

Writing Prompt: Start out with your feelings about the long, cold winter; your observations. And then, over the course of your poem, transform your words and outlook into a beautiful early Spring flower. Let's paint imagery that takes us from bleak to beautiful! 


  1. love this prompt! might have to try it! found you through Fida

  2. This looks like fun! Thank you for stopping by! <3 Blessings