Monday, February 10, 2014

February Poetry Mini Challenge Prompt Name It with Word Love (Day 2)

Wow - I enjoyed yesterday's process so much I wrote a how-to blog post about it on my Julie
Unplugged Blog. If you would like to read it, check it out here.

Now - for today - a brand new adventure in writing poetry that builds upon yesterday's.

This quote provides a preview for us:

"One deep feeling called by its right name names others."
Eudora Welty

I have declared my love for words on a regular basis. I love love love language with all my heart. One of the most important ways to express that love for words is to use words well, especially when writing poetry.

Yesterday we wrote micropoetry after doing one of my favorite writing warm-ups. Our intention was to say the most with the fewest syllables.

What I want us to play with today builds upon that concept: today we will say the most with the best words.

This poem, "Saying Things", by Marilyn Krisl, is a great example of naming things and simply loving the process of lining up words in a way that just oozes love - and straight out lust - for words.

Here's what we will create today:

Choose five things you can look up from where you are sitting and see.

For example, I can see a bottle of tylenol, a salt shaker, my daughter Emma, a copy of "Letters Home by Sylvia Plath" and my flannel nightgown.

My goal, before today is over, is to write a poem naming those things. Not just saying "my daughter Emma" but naming her without saying "my daughter Emma."

Your goal is to choose your five things and then weave all five into a poem for an extra fun adventure in poetry or simply choose one.

Note: if you aren't having fun with this exercise, walk away and then write whatever comes forward.

Ready, set, NAME THINGS!

I look forward to reading your poems so please link up! I love to know you're playing along.

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