Monday, February 3, 2014

Poetry Prompt: Today is a Special Day

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February has arrived! Yesterday, we observed Groundhog Day. The "official" groundhog saw his shadow, thus predicting six more weeks of winter weather. I don't know how much I believe in holidays like Groundhog Day, but some of the more "offbeat" holidays are rather amusing.

I did some research and found several interesting celebrations that are assigned to today (February 3):

February is also observed as a special month:
I've linked each of the days/months above to sites where you can find more information about each.

The Prompt: Choose one of the celebrations above or create a special holiday of your own and write a poem around your chosen special day.

Word Prompt: Special Day or Holiday

Suggested Form: Ode (one of my favorites!)

Share your poetry with us by linking up. Make sure you visit your neighbors one or two before and after. If you are last on the list go back to the beginning of the list. Have fun!

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Have fun and good luck!

~Amy McGrath

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  1. My blog already has a different post up, but I'm still going to share my poem here and on twitter, enjoy!

    Yes there is Independence Day
    or anniversaries of loss days
    and harvest days
    and different kinds of love days

    yet we need more days
    to show our love for the world
    and our countries

    Everyday should be and is
    a day worth celebrating for.