Monday, January 20, 2014

Poetry Prompt - Reflection

Besides reading and writing poetry I have been studying how to write memoir. For me my poetry and my memoir go hand in hand, they both tell a story, they both dive into the darkness and pull out pieces of me.

As I look at the stories that make up my life I see again and again how everything is a reflection of what is going on inside of me; how the universe provides experiences for me to learn from as I maneuver through this life.

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Poetry Prompt:

What can you see in your life that is a reflection of how you feel inside? Free write for 10 minutes and then take what interests you from that and create a poem.  

Word Prompt: Mirror or Reflection

Poetry Type/Form:  Palindrome Poetry also known as Mirrored Poetry from the Shadow Poetry website - Even if your main poem isn't done in this form I hope you will challenge yourself to try this type if you haven't before.

Remember, the prompts are suggestions only. We are here to offer inspiration and motivation if you are needing it. We love to read your poetry regardless of whether you use our prompts or not.

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Have fun and good luck!
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