Monday, April 7, 2014

A to Z Poetry Word Prompt - F is for Freedom

F is for FREEDOM -

Consider the freedom that arises in clear spaces, white paper, new notebooks, open roads, rivers flowing, oceans coming in and out, the wideness of the prairie...

Write into that freedom. Write into the way that freedom makes you feel.

F is for Freedom.

Write it.


  1. I like that F stands for freedom- visiting as part of the A to Z challenge-

  2. Very good metaphor. Writing onto a blank page. Beautiful. An open road. :-)

    You've got some great advice in the previous posts too - it's about the craft of writing poetry, as opposed to poems - but written poetically. I like it. My first effort at poetry took place a day or two before the challenge started:

    If you have time to read it, it might be more interesting than anything in my A to Z! Good luck with the challenge. You're providing a good service, and I appreciate your thoughts and talent on the craft. Best! Rich

  3. "Write into that freedom". What a wonderful way to put it. So much opportunity for creativeness.
    Visiting from the A to Z Challenge. Thanks to Julie for commenting on my blog!