Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for Dreams.

Welcome to the A-Z Poetry Challenge. I'm sorry about the lack of a picture but due to my chronic lack of technical expertise, I just can't figure out how to put one in. I tried about six times to do it and then had to give up. However, today's prompt is about dreams. What do you dream about? Daydream or dreaming while asleep? There are no rights or wrongs here. Did you dream something in the past that you no longer dream about? How have your dreams changed? You can write a very structured poem, perhaps a sonnet? Or you can do a stream of consciousness free flowing poem? No-one here is going to mark you down. It's your dream; go for it!


  1. Dreams of being chased
    is recurring and of sitting
    on a toilet surrounded by passers-by.
    I try, in my haste,
    of running and leaving
    this icky place disgusting-my oh my
    and suddenly I am bouncing
    higher than I can fly

    Ok that is ad but there is my attempt with my recurring dreams thrown in

  2. My dreams are so strange and I rarely remember the details. Past and present seem to collide all the time. I've woken more than once in a cold sweat after a frightening one.

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