Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Lucky - Poets on the Page A to Z Challenge Poetry Prompt

L is for Luck or Lucky -

Write a poem of a time when you were lucky or you observed someone else who seemed to have a lot of luck.

Phrase starters:

luck of the draw...

luck of the....

its your lucky....

lucky duck.....

Several images for your inspiration:

A lucky motel in Las Vegas from yesteryear. (Love the Neon!)

A lucky double rainbow in San Francisco (Ironically I am writing from the Bay Area but I didn't take this photo!)

When I was a little girl I thought Lucky Charms were cool, or perhaps it was just the commercial character I liked!

PS - I learned while searching for images many people have pets named LUCKY!  - so if you want an extra fun nudge, write a poem of an animal, real or fictitious, named LUCKY! 

So go ahead! Write your poem! 

-- Julie Jordan Scott 


  1. Hmmm-It's my Lucky day even though I am not far away. What else can I say? Oh yes-no work for me today:)

  2. Very inspiring, yes. I love rainbows, and one can never go wrong with a heart shaped bowl and a Lucky sign. :) Great and fun post. Thank you.
    Silvia @