Friday, April 18, 2014

A-Z Poetry Word Prompt P is for Power

Power can be an awe inspiring word or it can be intimidating.  What power do you have?  What power do you wish you had?  What power have you given away?  What does the word 'power' mean to you?  Write a poem with power as the theme and see where it takes you.

1 comment:

  1. At one time I had no power
    it made me sad, quiver and feeling
    lonely up in my tower.
    I would not talk or share
    my thoughts or feelings
    I simply did not care.

    Inch by inch I kept moving
    to music, film never losing
    the inner me
    enjoying all the world could offer
    even though fear
    was ever so near.

    I saw great art
    in movies, on walls
    in theatre and sought
    more and more until
    fear, like the falls,
    washed away my tears.

    I heard the birds sing!
    My power is me to bring
    all the joy I deserve and more.
    what was before
    is now the past
    it does not last,
    but power is my new tower
    of hope like a
    beautiful flower

    OK I just went with it off the cuff:) Now if only I could wiggle my nose and travel to Paris