Sunday, October 9, 2016

Poetry Prompts Day 9 - OctPoWriMo 2016

Greetings, poets! How's OctPoWriMo going for you? I know Morgan and I are a bit overwhelmed at the responses this year. Personally, I've been so overwhelmed in my day to day life, that I've barely had time to do any reading or commenting on your efforts. I'm going to try to get to some of them, but please know that your participation is appreciated and what I have found time to read has been incredible. Keep the wonderful poems coming! Now on to one of my FAVORITE words, loaded with imagery. (Again, all images are from PublicDomainPictures.)

Photo by Petr Kratochvil

Photo by Paul Brennan

Photo by Jean Beaufort

Photo by Maliz Ong

Photo by Tim Emerich

Day 9 Prompt - SPIRAL

I love that you can find spirals from the tiniest places (our DNA) to massive expanses (the Milky Way) and everywhere in between. Free write about spiraling and see where you go - do you spiral up or down? Find where this word takes you and go from there.

Word Prompts:

Suggested Poetic Form: Cascade (which is a bit of a spiraling form!)

Music For Your Muse: Space Dog by Tori Amos

Remember, our prompts are only suggestions, where you find inspiration for your poetry is up to you.
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  1. Day 9 #OctPrWriMo new post -

  2. Happy Sunday! :)

  3. I haven't had a chance to visit any other blogs and I feel bad about it. Too much drama in my personal life.

  4. Not doing the prompt today. Instead, I wrote about dealing with family since we had Thanksgiving dinner at my house yesterday: Don't Want to Fight.

  5. Feel recovered enough to record a few thoughts :d

  6. Spirals inspire my muse! Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

  7. My poem for the day :

  8. A more visual poem from me today :)


    My entry for today...haiku. A good week to all:)

  10. Curves, arches, spirals, these are some of my favorite things to photograph. This is a great prompt and I plan to give it a go, but the poem that I posted today is on another topic. Who knows, maybe I'll do two today. :)

    Here is my post:
    OctPoWriMo Day 9

    Have a blessed day!

  11. the form was fun; I will definitely try it again. Here is my day 9 offering:

  12. Loving the challenge of incorporating so many keywords into a huge variety of poetic forms.
    Thanks for the prompt. Here's my Day 9 post, using it:
    Never know now. Troth isn’t truth till it’s tested.

  13. Day-9