Monday, December 9, 2013

December Poetry Mini Challenge - - Day 1

Welcome to the December Mini-Challenge from Poets on the Page!

I hope you are ready for an adventure in writing this week, a chance to explore and play with your poetry in a way which may be different for you.

With that in mind, I would ask you approach the poetry you work on this week from the space of a beginner. For those concepts you've worked with a lot, instead of thinking "I know this!" think, "What is the lesson for me in this?"

I find repetition, or topics synchronistically popping up over and over, happens for a reason.

With that in mind, there are no real "rules" for this challenge. I would request, however, that you stay open hearted and minded and let go of any expectations you have for yourself as a writer or poet.

Just come to the page and the words that present themselves and write them down. Take them from a space of rumbling through your brain and give them a voice to the rest of the world. Allow yourself to be surprised. Finally, enjoy yourself. If you find yourself outside the realm of enjoyment, walk away and come back later.

Even if you are crying and screaming and fighting with language, you could still be enjoying yourself. Sometimes the most crazed I find myself poetically when I look like I am miserable I am actually so deeply present that what looks like misery to you is actually enjoyable for me.

Unpleasant yet enjoyable.

So - here's where we are going today. The rest of the week will be a surprise.

We are starting today with a visual prompt as well as a moment of connection with the visual.

You are looking at a building in process of being demolished. It is your VISUAL PROMPT:

Remember a time when something you loved was "torn down". This may be a metaphor for example - a relationship town down or a demolished business or career. It may be a marraige or partnership and it may actually be a building or structuire.

Gaze loosely at the photo of the building - in process of being demolished - and as you gaze, bring your experience into your heart and mind. As you breathe please breathe your experience into your heart space.

I know, this might sound strange to you, but please trust me: as you breathe in, "aim" your breath or energy into your heart. Try putting your hand over your heart and close your eyes as you breathe

When you are ready, begin to write.

You may use one of the "Grandparents of prompts" (the ones below) or simply let your experience and the word "Demolish" guide you. You may want to write using the prompts as a way to bring more of your thoughts onto the page before weaving your words into a poem.

Prompt Suggestions:

I remember....

I feel.....

I see.....

I hear......

I smell......

Word Prompt:


Visual Prompt: SEE ABOVE

If you have a blog, if you are comfortable please post your poem there and link up using the "linky" below so that others may support and encourage you.

If you don't have a blog, you may put your poem - if it isn't too long - in the comments.

And remember, there are no rules so you may keep it all to yourself.... but take it from me, part of the fun of challenges like this is taking a risk and posting your poem so that you may receive encouragement from the others who gather here.

Happy Writing!

-- Julie Jordan Scott

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  1. It is so interesting: even though I wrote the prompt, it took me in a totally different direction than I expected it to go! Happy writing everyone!