Monday, December 23, 2013

Poetry Prompt: Believe

Do you believe in Santa Claus? I do. Of course, I'm not referring to an overweight old man in a red suit, but rather the spirit of giving that Santa represents.

Many people around the world will be celebrating Christmas this week. As a Christian, I believe that Jesus Christ was born to the Virgin Mary. I believe he is the Son of God. And I believe he came to earth for me and for you. I'm sure that some of you that frequent this blog are practitioners of other faiths. And I welcome you to share your beliefs with us through your poetry.

Do you believe in God? Allah? Buddha?
Do you believe in love? angels?
Do you believe in magic? miracles?
Do you believe in yourself?
What do you believe?

Poetry Prompt: My challenge to you, my fellow poets, is to write a poem this week about what you believe.

Word Prompt: Believe/Belief

Suggested Form: Rondeau

~Amy McGrath

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