Friday, December 13, 2013

December Mini Poetry Challenge Day 5: Celebrate!

Welcome to the last prompt from the December  Mini-Challenge series from Poets on the Page!

I have completely enjoyed being on this ride and look forward to the next time. I hope you do, too!

Yesterday we wrote cento poetry. Some of you may wonder why I elected that particular form. 

Naturally, there are several reasons. One is you have the joy of reading other poems. Another reason is you not only read the poems, you interact with the poems. From my experience, actually crafting with a beloved (or at least well known) other poet is one of the ways I have gotten to be a better poet. 

Finally, there are so many surprises when we collage our words with others.

So, this week you may have written a poem about destruction. You were able to choose the three lines you thought were the most resonant and use them to write another poem. That was sort of a premonition for the Cento – choosing lines from another poem and building upon it.

And now, it is Friday – and we will celebrate our poetic journey this week.

Even if this is your first time here, words and poetry and sounds and gathering with other poets is, in my mind, always a perfectly fine reason to celebrate.

Here is your chance to do a jig or make a poetic speech or even write a limerick or two.

Just have fun! You’ve done a tremendous job and if you missed any of the prompts, they’re not going anyplace – you may try them out at any time – and I hope you will!

Word Prompt: Celebrate!

Energetic Prompt: We're having a poetry party!

Visual Prompt: See the dancing and festivities to the left.

If there is not a linky below, please leave your link in the comments so that others may come, visit and comment on your poetry celebrations!
Its been a joy to write with you!

-- Julie Jordan Scott

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