Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December Poetry Mini-Challenge Day 3

Welcome, welcome!

If this is your first time to the Mini-Challenge, please jump right in with us. You may go back and see what we’ve done thus far or you have the option of simply starting where you are: right here. This is a place of creative permission. We welcome you to be a part of our community and contribute as you feel called.

Now:  a bit of recap before today’s prompt.

Monday we wrote about tearing things down. 

Yesterday we wrote about new beginnings.

Today, we will write about continuing… even when you may not feel much like continuing.

I don’t know about you, but aside from this challenge my week has been getting more and more difficult as we have progressed. My shoulders feel as if I have traded with Sisyphus, pushing and pushing a huge stone up the ridiculously tall hill and efforting-efforting-efforting…. only to have the stone roll back over me when I think I’ve completed my task.

You know how it is:

It reminds me of the last ten pounds in a big weight loss effort, driving those last fifty miles after a trip away from home, back in school many of us had senioritis.

Today’s task is to write a poem of encouragement to continue.

Word Prompt:


Energetic Prompt:


Phrase prompt:

Stay the course…..

Image and quote prompt: -->

Ironically, I made the image on the right for another program recently. It fits perfectly, quote and all, so I offer it as a visual and a quote prompt as well.
I'm getting the feeling this is a message I need to hear a lot right now!

As always I look forward to reading your words AND I look forward to seeing the process as it unfolds for you.

-- Julie Jordan Scott

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