Monday, December 30, 2013

Poetry Prompt: Reflection/Projection

Can you believe that it's almost 2014? This year seems to have blown past me like a runaway train!
image by Danilo Rizzuti

As we approach the end of this year, take some time to look back at everything you have accomplished this year. Did you participate in NaPoWriMo in April? Or OctPoWriMo in October? I know that personally, I've written more poems this year than any previous year of my life. But this is only the beginning.

I am setting very lofty writing goals for 2014 including writing a poem a day for the entire year. I won't promise that they will all make it to my blog, but they will be written! What about you? Have you set some writing goals, specifically poetry writing goals? If you'd like, share your goals with us in the comments below or form them into your response to this week's prompt.

We here at Poets on the Page are thrilled that you have joined us in this new venture and we look forward to reading your poems and sharing our own with you in 2014. Happy New Year!

Poetry Prompt: Reflect back on 2013. What is the BEST poem you wrote this year? Share it with us again! Project forward into 2014... set your writing goals into a poetic form!

Word Prompt: Reflect and/or Project

Suggested Form (optional): The Mirror Sestet

~Amy McGrath

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