Friday, October 9, 2015


Maybe it's because I feng shiu'ed my office last week but I'm thinking about the elements today. Water, fire, air, earth, metal, ice, etc. Elements have so much symbolism in them, and the best part is the duality you can find with them. Think about the movie Frozen, the ice made beautiful snowflakes but it also almost killed people.
My favorite has always been fire, something that keeps you warm on cold winter nights but also firestorms, burning beautiful fires. 

Today I'm suggesting you think about the elements, how they affect you and about the duality and contrast in them. 

Here's a few photos to get you started. 

Top image courtesy of the wonderful Andrew Dodson, model Beverly Tan. See his work at

All other images copyright Beverly Tan 

Word Prompts: 
Sentence prompts: 
In a spark... 
When it rains... 
Calming like the sound of... 

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