Saturday, October 31, 2015

Poetry Prompt 31 - The OctPoWriMo Journey

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” ― Ernest Hemingway
Image by Morgan Dragonwillow

The last day of OctPoWriMo has arrived. It always seems to go by so fast. How has your journey been for you? Have you discovered new ways to write poetry? Were you able to dive deeper into the words and uncovered new/old truths?

I want to thank Bev and Tamara for helping out this year, I couldn't do this without our loving and compassionate voluteers!

I want to thank you for showing up, reading our prompts, and writing your poetry whether you used our prompts or not. I am just glad you came along for the ride and explored poetry with us.

Photo by Morgan Dragonwillow

Poetry Prompt: 

Write for ten minutes about your journey with poetry this month, ask yourself some of the questions I posed up above.

Word Prompts:


Sentence Starters: 

The journey isn't ending...
exploring my depths...

Thank you so much for joining us, I hope you decide to join us again next year. Remember you can share your poetry all year long in our facebook group, Writing Poetry Group. I will also share with the group any prompts I write during the year within the group.

Oh and for those that would like to do some catching up with their poetry, the links will be open until Nov. 7th at the end of the day EST.

Peace to you,
Morgan Dragonwillow

PageLines- picture20193.jpgMorgan Dragonwillow is a poet, author, foodie, urban gardener, and recovering perfectionist, that (mostly) doesn't let her fears get in the way of her passion for writing and creating. She is team leader at @StoryDam, creatrix of  #OctPoWriMo You can find her Playing with Words on her blog. She lives in Marietta, Ga. with her loving and patient partner, their dog that thinks she's a princess, and the cat that reminds her that she isn't.
You can also find her on Google+

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  1. Thank you for the great prompts. My first time...Enjoyed it immensely. See you all again next year
    Cheery bye
    Toodle pip


  2. Thank you all for a wonderful poetic journey! Morgan, will we be on an email list for future events?

  3. Enjoyed writing for the many great prompts. Thank you for the wonderful poetic journey through October 2015.