Friday, October 30, 2015


So we're almost there! We can see November on the horizon and I bet some of you are doing NaNoWriMo too! It's a bittersweet day where I'm so glad of all we're accomplishing together but I'll also miss sharing and reading with you lovely poets.

With all the feelings I've had, I thought for my last prompt of 2015 to think about the senses.

Your prompt today is to write a poem that incorporates each of the senses (Or I guess if you want, focus in on one of them?) Free for all on the form, but go one by one with see, feel, smell, hear, and taste. Tell me a story or tell me a memory. Really put the reader into that fleeting moment of life so that in every way those words are alive. Let them be the truth of the moment.

Wow, that was a short post.

Word Prompts:  

Sentence prompts: 
Then it hit me like...
The breeze came through the window...
I love...
Into the puddle...

Photo of the day: 

I love you guys and I'm so proud of what you're doing! Keep in touch and follow me on Twitter/Instagram @BeverlyTanFilm and drop me a line sometime! I hope you've enjoyed my prompts and maybe I've been a little helpful somewhere. 
You inspire me. Keep writing! 
~Bev <3 

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