Thursday, October 24, 2013

OctPoWriMo Poetry Prompt Day 24: Go Back and Go Back Again

One of the things I love about being in a part of a community like here at OctPoWriMo, we know we can reach out to one another if we need help. When I was getting ready for my surgery I was a mess, an absolute mess - and Morgan was gracious enough to recycle a post I had written last year.

Even if you wrote something last year, I bet there is another poem waiting to be written from your 2013 perspective. As Heraclitus said, "You can never step in the same river twice." In this case, "We can never step into the same poetry prompt twice."

It gives me great pleasure to reintroduce this poetry prompt from Morgan Dragonwillow:


As you continue to write poetry day by day, you may discover some resistance to going deeper still. You may feel a wall erect in front of you and think you are just blocked. Most likely fear is rearing its head.

At a time like this the best thing you can do is write through it. Allow yourself to write whatever is coming up for you and know that what you are writing you don't have to post. You don't have to but after you are done, read it again, and maybe there will be something within it that you want to share. The important part is to give yourself permission to just write all the thoughts that are swirling in your head even if you never do share it with another living soul.

Me before the world told me I couldn't be me.
This poetry journey is for you. It is to help inspire you to get your words down onto the page and to help you remember who you are at your core; all parts of you.

Poetry Prompt: Go back to when you were eight years old. Write down all of the dreams and aspirations of that little girl or little boy. Now pick one and write what it would feel like to be living that dream authentically.  Really use as many sensory words as you can.

Word Prompt: Remember 

Sentence Starter: I remember me... 


When I remember I feel...

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I hope you are being kind to yourself on this poetry voyage. Always remember, I.Believe.In.You!


  1. ah yes, how much is remembered, how much is real, how much is reconstructed?

  2. That is a fascinating question to write your way into, Roslyn. Wonderful place to poke around and live...

  3. Thank you, Julie. By giving me permission NOT to post, you actually gave me the courage to post anyway. :)

    1. Hey Amy, Julie actually posted one from mine last year because I was too sick yesterday to take care of it. Glad it inspired you.