Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Poetry Prompt Day 2: Hiding Places

Several years ago, I had an opportunity to travel to Worcester, MA to visit the University Park Campus School and observe some of the best teachers in education. One of my favorite moments of that visit took place in a 7th grade English class. The students had been given an assignment the previous day and were reporting back their findings. Their assignment is the inspiration for our prompt today.

THE PROMPT: Where does poetry hide? Some possible answers could be "in the dark dusty corner under my bed", "in the extension of a dancer's leg", or perhaps "in the layered harmony of a Pentatonix song". Look around you. Make a list of some of the unusual places that you find poetry. Use this list as the starting place for a poem. Maybe the list is a poem in itself. Or maybe you'll find an entire poem tucked in between your sofa cushions. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

~ Amy McGrath


  1. I had recently written a poem that fit this prompt and decided to write something different for this prompt. Now I look at that older poem and realize how much I want to share it with everyone because it fits this prompt so I linked it up too. =)