Thursday, October 10, 2013

Poetry prompt day 10 : A Poetry Collage ?

This is a last minute post so be prepared to get something really senseless as a prompt from me today :P

Just Kidding ! Lets get to work now.  so , Last month in one of the poetry tip posts , I wrote about collaborative poetry where 2 or more poets write a poem together.  As a further modification or a side track to this style , we have some poems that inspire other poems , often as replies to the original voice. On another group blog , we use to refer these poems as "Reply Poetry" .

We all have our favorite poems. Some from own blog , some from other's blog. I want you to pick those poems today , read and re read till you find your trigger in there. Write the poem , whatever is in your head - be it a continuation or an opposite voice to the narrator. Be it a comment on the voice of the original poem or maybe even a verse to wrap it around the original thought.

Please note , when you post your poem , please share the link of the original post too.
Or better , share the whole poem in the post .

Some of you , who are a little short on time [ like ME ;) ]  to search a favorite poem , pick one of the last 10 poems from your own blog and use it for the prompt.Or pick the poem that some participant linked to the post !!

This is one of my favorite poem from the poet I am in love -

Sweet is the word of passion,
cherry red lips and frequent glances;
where mother once told me to stay away from,
those glorious nights spent baking in the hot Delhi sun,
addressing myself to the spirit of the night,
who’s tattered hand would wave over me every so often,
proclaim something profound and leave me feeling,
cheaper than ever.

And crass is the man,
who sees spring time’s blooming bosom,
rejects it out right as a falsity of science,
looks to the heavens and sees nothing but cold calculated chaos,
dismisses the idea in his head,
that romance could exist,
that today lives for the beating hearts of economical precision.

Sweet is the sound of the Sparrows flapping,
spring air shifting,
wind-chimes ringing;
where crassness never finds itself.

And even if still ideas escape , just write anything you enjoy !
After all, its all about creating and sharing poems :) 


  1. Oh, I LOVE this prompt! I did this once before. Several years ago, I read a post on a message board. The author invited replies from different points of view. My reply is probably my favorite of all the poems I've written. Looking forward to finding another "trigger" after some sleep!

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  3. I like this prompt a lot! I'm excited; this will be fun!

  4. I have done this before - with Kahlil Gibran no less. Lately I've been wanting to dive into my really old stuff, but don't think this is the time for that. I think I'll do some searching... I'm possessed by a certain topic right now, that might be a poem to find and collaborate with today. THANK YOU for an awesome prompt!

  5. Being new to writing poems and with a certain subject which I cover, I have not done that yet. But as I continue to write more and branch out...I would LOVE to do this.

  6. New follower! Such a difficult prompt after a hiatus,. but I did it and I enjoyed it immensely!