Thursday, October 17, 2013

Poetry Prompt Day 17 : Games We played

The moment I log in to Facebook , my first thought is to once play Candy Crush [ Am stuck on same stage for about 15 days now ].  And then , I proceed to check other notifications. On mobile too , I am addicted to same game from some time. Before that , there was Ruzzle , Motto race  , WordFeud and a  few more.

So while I was thinking of today's prompt , I was of course playing Candy Crush again , when the idea hit me. Why not write of the games we play on mobile , desktop or play stations ( sorry , I am not aware of latest gadgets ) . While we are at it , lets go back into our childhood and list all the games we loved to play.

As far as I remember , my choices were quite limited since I was into reading as early as I can think of. But still , for most kids around me , I could notice games being in and out of fashion. Can you think of such phases and a game for each phase ?

so for today's prompt , make a list of all your favorite games . either pick one of the games and the lessons it taught you. Or you can just trace your life in terms of the games you played.

Another idea could be , To think of the modern times games being available to you in your childhood and imagining how different or same you would feel about it.

Some of you might have kids and even grand kids . What game do you play with them  ? Or what game from your childhood would you want to pass on to your kids ?

Are indoor games better than outdoor ones ?

Phew ! I myself am being so overwhelmed now with all the ideas. I should sleep now over this and hopefully wake up to some concrete ideas and few good poems from some of you :D

Ok, Write on !!
while I give another shot to this level of Candy Crush ;)

~ Nimue

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  1. such an excellent prompt to write something upon! thank you Nimue! :)

  2. Great topic! Lots of ideas from this one!

  3. Yes, great prompt. Games and life and so intertwined. They teach us about life and reflect about life. I wrote my poem with Chess in mind.

  4. This was the hardest prompt for me, and I'm glad you have it .. It helped me come up with my first haiku :)