Sunday, October 20, 2013

Poetry Prompt Day 20 - Love Letters, Not What You Are Expecting

This poetry prompt isn't what you may think it is. Yes I would like for you to write a love letter but not from you to someone else and not from someone else to you. What I would like for you to do is write a love letter between two inanimate objects.

You may be thinking, "Is she nuts?" or you may be thinking, "Oh yeah, I can do this." Well whatever you are thinking, I discovered this from one of my favorite poetry performers, Sarah Kay.

Listen to her perform A Love Letter - Tooth Brush to the Bicycle Tire. I think it is pretty awesome but I think just about anything Sarah Kay performs is awesome!

Poetry Prompt:

Take a look around your house and find two unlikely objects that you can play around with on the page and create a love letter from one to the other. I hope you find much amusement playing with your words.


You could decide to play with this poetry form, Rictameter at Shadow Poetry. I love the poetry form Cinquain and this is very similar to it. You can open the dictionary, choose a word, and begin or you may have a word that you already want to use. 

Now for an added challenge...

You probably have been playing with poetry most of the last 19 days, if not all, (and some of you for a long time before that) it is time for something daring. Something that could possibly take you out of your comfort zone. Take your favorite poem that you have written so far and film yourself performing it. This is something that I challenged the participants to do last year as well. Here are two of my videos that I created, We Are One and Oh to Be a Raven from last years OctPoWriMo. 

Will you take up this challenge and create a video of one or two of your poems?


  1. I wrote a poem about a spoon and yogurt, but I'm not about to film myself reading it. My ugly face would break the camera!

    1. No worries Petra, all of the prompts are suggestions only and you are encouraged to write whatever you feel inspired to write. The rest is just encouragement to push the boundaries of creativity.

  2. My introversion stopped me doing this last year and it will do the same this year I'm afraid. I have a telephone phobia, and can only do SKYPE with my husband, for heavens sake. Video performance is never gonna happen : / The video you selected is just awesome. I must go find more of Sarah Kay! How I'm to emulate what she did hear I've no idea. I just hope to find time enough to do my best. :) X

    1. Hi Shah, This wasn't meant as having to do all three but a choice of picking one. And as always these are suggestions not have to's. Your poetry is your poetry and how and what you decide to write is always up to you. I am really enjoying your poetry this month and I look forward to reading what you come up with. =)