Saturday, October 5, 2013

Poetry Prompt Day Five: Writing a List Poem

One of my favourite ways to write poems is to do what is called a list poem.  This is where you take a phrase and use it at the beginning of every line.  My choice of phrase is 'I am a woman who'.  Obviously, for the guys, you can use 'I am a man who'.  Don't feel you have to stick within the bonds of reality or tell the truth.  You can say 'I am a woman who rides unicorns everyday' if you want to.  And if you don't like the phrase I've chosen then feel free to pick a different one.  Here is my effort.

I am a woman who has a talent for locking herself in toilets.
I am a woman who hates letting people down.
I am a woman who rarely remembers her dreams.
I am a woman who likes listening to rock music.
I am a woman who loves the smell of the ocean.
I am a woman who works magic.
I am a woman who likes to wear green.
I am a woman who likes cats but loves dogs.
I am a woman who doesn't bake cakes.
I am a woman.


  1. Sha's Scribbles: your linkn didn't work "Page not found". Please could you re-submit?

  2. I have resubmitted, but they both work for me? Thanks for letting me know Viv. X

  3. Participating in these challenges has helped me feel a little bit more confident about what I write. Thank you for hosting this :)