Thursday, October 3, 2013

Poetry Prompt Day 3 : I wrote a poem one day .

In school , I used to curse the poets. All those long poems that said something else , and meant some thing else entirely .. And imagine  learning all those poems by heart so you can use the lines in references when you write your exam at the end of the year.

Considering that , I am sometimes myself amazed at  my love for poetry today. There is no day when I do not read a poem on blogs or jot down an idea for next verse for my own blog. Or maybe just randomly send few lines to my poetry buddies. In moments like these , I feel poetry has become a part of me , an identity for me.

So today , I want you to share your story of initiation into poetry ? Did you always love it ? Or like me , woke up to its charm and wonders one bright day ?  What was your first poem ? to whom was it dedicated  ? Or if you had to go back in time and write a poem for someone in your life  , who would you chose as your muse ?

Lets write a Poem about Why We wrote that very first poem. 

Before you go on wandering in your imaginary gardens of thoughts , have a look at this video full of poetry meanings :

~ Nimue


  1. Today's prompt is so appropriate for me. I scribbled a poem one day about a baseball team. Then heard about the challenge and decided to go from there. Now loving it on day 3

  2. What a beautiful video this was. And what a nostalgic trip to write this piece I had :)