Monday, September 29, 2014

At the Starting Line

Image by Peter Griffin via

It's almost here! Are you ready? What kind of preparations have you been doing to get yourself ready for OctPoWriMo?

I could hardly contain my excitement Saturday when I came across a new journal-type book on the bargain aisles at Barnes and Noble. This wasn't just a blank journal, but rather one complete with writing prompts! It's always fun to find new prompts to spark ideas for poems or stories. I also love the daily discipline of writing morning pages (see Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way).

In preparation for sharing new prompts with you, I've delved back into a prompt I picked up several years ago while observing a 7th grade language arts class. The teacher had given the students a homework assignment the previous day and they were sharing their findings. The assignment was to make a list of where poetry hides. This prompt never fails to lead me to new hiding places for poetry (and poetry prompts).

In the remaining days until we get started with OctPoWriMo, I want to challenge you to begin keeping your own list of where poetry hides. This is a great way to spark ideas for new poems and will give you somewhere to turn if (when?) you feel blocked.

Best of luck as we begin this challenge on Wednesday! There's ONE more inspiration post tomorrow, then we'll be off and running! Have fun!

~ Amy McGrath


  1. I find poetry in the everyday . . . but this October what I write will be hiding on my travel blog! October shall be an exciting month as we discover each other's poems. May the writing begin.

    1. I'm looking forward to reading more of your poetry, Beth!

  2. Now that I am writing again, poetry seems to hide in the back and corners of my mind. I just need to dig deep to get them out. During OctPoWriMo, I look forward to discover and see where else poetry hides! Looking forward to OctPoWriMo! - Leslye

  3. Admittedly I haven't done any "preparation" - just running through the thoughts in my head, getting my writing blog ready after months of inactivity and will just write a few lines as they come to me. I believe the best poems don't worry about structure, line or stanza count or even a pretty theme - just whatever the writer wants to say. I am ready to get started tomorrow.