Thursday, September 11, 2014

Poetry: A Must-See Film for Poets (and the people who love them.)

I first heard about “Poetry” written and directed by Lee Chong Dong and simply had to see it. I sought a venue within a reasonable driving distance from Bakersfield.  A movie house specializing in art and foreign film in Santa Monica became my poetic and cinematic mecca on that day in 2010. Emma, who was twelve-years-old at the time didn't want to go because she thought subtitles would be "boring." Within moments of the film beginning, she discovered the joy of foreign film. It was through experiencing this captivating stories she learned subtitles do indeed disappear within a well-hued story.

I have linked to a video which includes snippets from the movie and a gloriously written review from the New York Times as a melodic counterpoint. It is only five minutes long.

Please take a moment to visit YouTube to watch the video (The owner does not allow me to embed it here) and consider how movies about poets, poetry and leading a poetic life may make your experience of any writing challenge more rich and rewarding.)

Because I also wanted to include some video from Poetry you could see here on the blog, here is the trailer:


What movies inspire you as a poet?

-- Julie Jordan Scott


  1. I'll have to check this out on YouTube. Thanks for sharing Julie!

  2. I watched the trailer on my phone and wasn't able to comment at the time (I can't seem to sign in to be able to comment from my phone). Here is what I put in my Evernote after watching it.

    Losing words
    Losing memory
    Losing the mind
    I see these fears
    These fears in me
    these fears are mine

  3. Movies themselves inspire me. They are ideas and words made sound, and light, and movement. As an actor and writer, one of my favourites about breathing life into old words is Al Pacino in 'Looking for Richard'. also hero movies, fantasy movies, historical epics, and an ything Shakesphere. From the obscure to the inane, here's some honourable mentions: Blue Car, Dead Poet's Society, Howl, O, Brother Where art thou(the Oddesy), Braveheart(inspired by 15th century poem by Blind Harry), Shadowlands, Shakesphere In Love, Cyrano(with Gerald Depardiu and the one with Steve Martin), Beowulf, Il Postino, and So I Married an Axe Murderer.