Monday, September 15, 2014

Octpowrimo 2014 - Five Ws and an H

I'm sure most of us are familiar with the "big" questions that we deal with when writing. In the past couple of weeks, we've had some posts about the "Why?" question and have shared some of our personal reasons. In the last week before we kick off October, I'll address the "What?" and "How?" questions with some ideas you may enjoy. For this post, though, let's consider the questions of "Who? Where? And When?"


Who are we writing for? Are we writing purely for ourselves? For blog readers? For friends and family? Personally, I am a very selfish writer. I write for me first. Only after I've written something do I look at who else might be interested in what I've created. Sometimes the contents is of a nature that I know appeals to my mom or my best friend. Other times, it may be something about my illnesses and recovery. Perhaps I've written about a sunset I saw on my way home. My content will almost always determine who my poetry is for.


Where do you do your best writing? Do you write in a coffee shop with a nice caramel latte? Or are you in the comfort of your own home, sitting in a comfortable chair, writing in your pajamas? Maybe you have found you do your best writing at a desk. I think this is a fun question. I always, ALWAYS have a journal of some kind with me, so I can (and often do) write whenever an idea pops up. I love writing with a group of other writers. I'm lucky enough to have a very active writing community where I live that meets regularly for "write-ins" at a local restaurant. I like being out in the world, letting the environment inspire me.


When do you do your best writing? Are you a morning writer who has to get it done early before the happenings of the day get in your way? Are you a night owl, burning the midnight oil because your muse comes alive after dark? Perhaps you're like me. I have found that my writing usually happens most easily when I'm faced with a looming deadline. (For example, this post goes live in 3 hours and here I am just now getting it done!) Pressure leads to productivity for me. Does this always produce quality writing? No, but I'd venture to guess that no other times are any more influential on the quality of my creations. When I'm faced with a deadline, my inner critic knows to be silent and just let me get the words down. When I have more time on my hands, the opposite happens and I end up picking a piece apart, never really satisfied with what I've done. 

So what about you? Who do you write for? When and where do you write? I'd love to see your comments below!

We're only 15 days away now! 

~Amy McGrath


  1. early am, in bed, with piled up pillows and the hope of a cup of tea. My second best time is in a waiting room somewhere when I've forgotten to bring my kindle.

    1. I've begun leaving my nook at home intentionally, so my waiting room time become writing time. :)

  2. My best writing comes in the morning; writing in my "Natalie Goldberg practice notebook." But, when under pressure of deadline, I often get on the computer, close my eyes, and just let the fingers go.

    My poetry is for me first. So are my morning pages. But, sometimes they turn into articles or blogposts.

  3. I feel like my best writing comes at night...after I had gone to bed. Which is why I keep my small notebook on my night stand, so I can jot down my ideas or stanzas while they're fresh in my mind. I know that I might forget them in the morning. :-) I do write for me first. At times, I write for friends, family and my AVM Survivor family. - Leslye