Saturday, September 20, 2014

Poems About Life - Real or Not

“Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.” ― Lauren Bacall

Often poets write about what's around them and their own lives, I've even read a few Poetic Memoirs. Sometimes it's nice to go off into fairy land or write what I like to call fictional story poems. That's actually the type of poem (Beauty Denied) that brought me back to writing poetry again after so many years.

Image created by Morgan Dragonwillow

I have written quite a few poems since then and most of them are poems about life, my life and what I see around me. But there are a few (some even my favorites) that are written as a story - short but still a story. Such is my poem Lipstick. I actually pulled this word out of the dictionary with the intent of writing an acrostic poem and almost picked another word. I came up with this instead. I'm glad I let my imagination come out to play.

Lying between the sheets, she slowly smiles.
Images running through her mind of the night before.
Perfume blends with muskier scents lingering in the air.
Silence is broken as the trash truck rumbles down the street.
Tissue paper flutters by the open window.
Ideas floating through her mind of how she’d prefer to spend her day.
Café down the street sounds like a wonderful start.
Knocking at the door, she turns and sees someone’s lipstick on the floor.

What type of poetry do you tend to write? Do you tend to stick with poems about your life or do you enjoy creating fictional stories with your poetry?

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  1. I wrote a fictional poem yesterday.... a confessional style poem by someone who only exists in my mind. I always seem to glean some new insights when I write such poems. They aren't my first choice, but usually they are so insistent I write them I know there is value in them.

    Lately I've been writing a lot of break up poems, so writing something different (in someone else's voice) felt really good.

  2. Thanks Julie, I agree, they aren't my first choice either but I tend to enjoy them when I feel called to write one. Often times it is just something that pushes to the front and insists on being written.

    Glad you could be distracted by something different for a bit. Hope you have a good week. *Hugs*