Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 13 - Color Your World

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For the last several days, we've given you some really heavy, emotionally charged prompts and those of you who have linked up with us are putting out some incredible poetry! I wanted to provide a prompt on this Monday that can (perhaps) be a bit lighter. Of course, it could be a deeply emotional prompt, if you choose to take it in that direction. Just make sure you're enjoying the journey!
As someone new to calling herself an "artist", I react very strongly to colors. That will be the focus of our writing today.
The Prompt: Free write about color. How do you react to different colors? What color do you love? Are there colors you don't like? Perhaps you want to write about the colors of autumn, the color of your lover's eyes, a box of crayons, or the colors of flowers in springtime. Explore the colors of your world and see where the words want to take you.
Word Prompts:

     *any other specific color that you love

Image Prompts:

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As always, the prompts are completely optional! Feel free to use/modify/enhance/ignore them at your pleasure!

~ Amy McGrath

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  1. *giggles* Nope - I am WELL off prompt for this one ;)

  2. I have enjoyed writing about the more serious themes, but I'll try to have some fun today :-)
    I love colours!

  3. I am always off prompts and last two days off comments so OFF I go to get on again!

  4. This one cracked my brain... I almost gave up, but I'm happy I didn't. We wouldn't have learned about pink sabbath otherwise... ;)

  5. Even if you don't write to the prompt, your poems are still welcome and appreciated! File the prompts away for future inspiration!