Friday, October 17, 2014

Day 17 - Words, Words, Words!

In two of the art classes I'm taking this semester, we've had to make collages and include words cut from magazines. I have had so much fun just manipulating the cut out words and phrases to create odd combinations that I probably wouldn't have thought of any other way...

  • obsessively dream
  • polite echoes
  • triumphant cake
  • hot buttered jealousy
If you don't already collect words and phrases from magazines or newspapers, it can be a really fun way to use issues that you're finished with. Just keep a ziploc bag or a shoe box with your magazines and clip anything that catches your eye. Before long, you'll have a stash to play with anytime.

Now, if you don't want to collect clippings, no problem! You can always use a random word generator. Or maybe this one suits you better because it gives you a bit more control of the list. You can also use a magnetic poetry set (if you have one) or try out the online version!

The Prompt: Use one of the ideas from above (magazine clippings, random word generators, or magnetic poetry) and play with the arrangement and combinations of words until you have something that you love. Then you can either collage it and photograph it, type it directly into your blog, or do a screen capture (if you're using the magnetic poetry site, this would be neat!)

Things to keep in mind: Approach this activity like a child. Be open to unusual - even nonsensical - possibilities. And HAVE FUN!

As always, the prompts are completely optional!

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~ Amy McGrath is a poet, fiction writer, artist, and student of life. She is working toward a new career as a Creative Arts Therapist where she hopes to share with others the healing power of the creative process. You can read her poetry and see some of her art on her blog - Poetry, Prose, Art, and Creativity. When she's not writing or making art, you can find her reading, listening to a wide range of music (even singing karaoke sometimes), or spending time with her husband Patrick and her two sons.


  1. Sorry, I was not attracted to the idea of a collage poem, but I am determined not to miss a day, so my poem, to a dVerse prompt, is rather gloomy.

    1. No problem, Viv! I knew ahead of time that this prompt wouldn't be for everyone. We are just glad you're writing poetry with us!