Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Poetry Prompts - Moon Madness

The Full moon's energies are stirring things up today, pulling the ocean's tides, pulling on emotions. Some people say when the moon is full it brings out the crazy in people, that there are more incidences of disagreements and angry outbursts.

I say that it is a creative time, a water time. The moon is connected to water and emotions so I say let's use it for our creativity. Let's tap into the Full moon energies and pour it into our poetry.

Poetry Prompts:

Free write for ten minutes about the Full moon and what it means or doesn't mean to you. Do you feel any different during the full moon, do you even notice when the moon is full?

Word Prompts:

Photo by Morgan Dragonwillow
Full Moon
Moon Madness

Feeling Words:


Shadow Poetry Type: Acrostic

Let's get creative, I chose the acrostic form because I love it and because you can use it in a simple one word form, two word form, and you can get as expansive with it as you choose. You can create a story if you choose like I did with my poem Lipstick or show more emotion as I did in my poem Penetrate. It is one of my favorite forms because you can do just about anything with it.

Most of all I hope you have fun diving into your poetry!

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  1. I'm using yesterday's prompt today, so the moon will rise tomorrow at my blog :) Lovely prompt though, kind Dragon ^_^ Loving OctPoWriMo so far.

    1. Thank you Vinay, and as always, you are free to find your inspiration wherever it may come from. Glad you are enjoying the challenge!

  2. It's going SO WELL, even though I'm using none of your prompts so far (hope you don't mind!) - I certainly seem to be on the right tracks with a poem about a form of madness.

    Incidentally - my Nana has various mental health issues and historically the symptoms get much more noticeable at a full moon. Guess there's a reason they're called 'lunatic'...

    1. Ah Lizzi, I'm just glad you are having a good time writing poetry every day, it matters not where you find your inspiration. =)

      Yes lunatic, "The word derives from lunaticus meaning 'of the moon' or 'moonstruck'." Though I knew this I went looking and I found on if you want to know more.

  3. Realised my link wasn't working so reposted the link as loved doing the acrostic. Lovely prompt.

    1. Thank you, I'll make sure I get over there to read it!