Thursday, October 16, 2014

OctPoWriMo Poetry Prompt Day 16: Once Upon A Time...

One of the purposes of poetry is to tell stories. 

Today’s prompt is both simple and familiar.

Remember the beginning of every fairy tale?

Once Upon a Time… is your prompt and

the traditional ending -

..." and they lived happily ever after" may now become whatever you please.

.. "and they….(fill in the ending of your choice.)"

You may begin with the actual words and end with the actual words OR you may decide this is a prompt you just can’t get into and move along to a different theme entirely.
You may also elect to use the image prompts to further stir your creative pot. All of these images are in the public domain so feel free to use to your heart's content!

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-- Julie Jordan Scott

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  1. Once Upon a Time
    In a land that's just mine
    I stayed up late
    I watched the moonrise

    I told her my secrets
    I sang her a song
    I thought she smiled back
    while she hummed along

    She was my constant
    We had a standing date
    She told me that each night
    she'd be an hour late

    Once Upon a Time
    In a land that's just mine
    I stayed up late
    To watch moonrise

    I blinked back tears
    I counted to nine
    Ten oclock came
    the sky was still mine

    The stars came out
    they wanted to sing
    They showed me support
    by building a ring
    Around me with love
    They filled up my heart
    and suddenly I knew
    it was me from the start

    And they told me the moon
    doesn't always show up
    but as long as I do the light will be there
    And the sky is the constant we always can share

  2. I wish I could edit the post! ;-) The last line is: "The sky and myself is the constant we share"

  3. And one more comment! I don't think I was "suppose to" put my poem up here but I don't have a blog and I love this 31 days challenge. Hmm... Maybe I'll start one....